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Vegetarian Story Restaurant

Songpa-Gu, Munjeong-Dong 61-13

line 8, Munjeong Station, exit 2.

02)403-6669, 02)400-4101

11:30-2:30; 6:00-9:30 W13,000



Kangnam-Gu, Yoksam-Dong 823-12


Korean food


Daechi-Dong 938, Irdong Bldg

"Samseong Station, exit 3. Go straight 7 minutes, across the hill top side crossroad and get right turn at the 1st street."


Prix fixe (W18-53,000) menu of organic Korean vegetarian "zen" meals. Formal and traditional, yet comfortable and private. Focus on health and well being, body and soul. Minimun 2 people.

New Start


Seolleung Station, exit 2





Kangnam-Gu, Togok-Dong

SNU Station, exit 4



Kangnam-Gu, Togok-Dong 411-11 Subway line3, Maebong station entrance 4, walk 100m toward the Yangje terminal


9-10:00 large set W18,000 sanche set W13,000, codonopis lanceolata set W15,000, sanche bibimbap W7,000, perilla noodle W7,000, sweet and sour mushrooms W20,000

Owned and operated by Ms.Soon-Nam Kang, a famous Korean author ('The Meal Table is the Medicine Table'), which is about eating uncooked vegetables and living a natural life style. All the spices, seasonings, and foods are prepared naturally here, and this makes this vegetarians as well as for those looking for natura-style remedies. All the ingredients used for food here are from organic farms, and no chemical seasonings are used as spices. The foods are prepared only with natural ingredients and natural sauces: kimchi in fermented with juice from greens, salad with tofu, radish, and onion in its dressing; Jochung, grain syrup made of brown millet rice and other grains as well. The most recommended and popular dish, the 'Sanche set meal,' is an order prepared with brown rice, millet, foxtail millet, adlay, black beans, vegetable soup, and various vegetables and potherb along with pancakes, acorn jelly, and salads, and served in woodenware to give the food an authentic appearance.There is also a terrace where fruit and soy sauce are fermenting in crocks, and pottery and here wooden furniture pleasing to one's eyes. There is also a small shop where you can purchase snacks made of wheat, Japanese apricot juice, bamboo salt, grain syrup, and many other natural foods.

Gogeop Sachal Restaurant

Kangnam-Gu, Taechi-Dong 983 Ildong Bldg.



Sanchon Mountain Village

Insa-Dong area of Seoul; everyone knows it; ask.


W20,000 lunch; W35,200 dinner (includes exquisite traditional Korean music and dance performances). Features a set menu of numerous traditional Korean vegetarian temple foods. Founded by a former Buddhist monk, Sanchon has a beautiful temple-like atmosphere.Well-known within the artsy Insa-Dong area. Vegan.

Vegetarian Restaurant

Insadong Anguk Station, Insadong exit. Walk straight, past Tourist Information on your right, art store on your left. A convenience store is in front of you. Turn right at the store and a few steps down (before the bank) you should see an English sign for a vegetarian restaurant.


Vegan-friendly, macrobiotic, organic.

Yakcho Dimibang Vegetarian Restaurant

Insadong: Gohap Bldg. Exit 6 and backtrack to the first alleyy/street; from Insadong follow the street by Gana Art Space; from the N end of Insadong, it's the first alley on your left.



Jongno-Gu, Samchungdong 98-1 Subway line 3, Anguk station entrance 1. Walk for 10 minutes towards Kwanghwamun. As you walk into Samchungdong you will see the green signboard with 'Deul-hyang-gi.'

02-732-7775 12-10:00, closed Sun set meal W20,000,W15,000, sanche bibimbap W7,000,

Mushroom miso stew W7,000, sweet and sour mushroom W15,000 stuffed bean curd W10,000 The Sanche bibimbob here is served with 7~8 vegetable dishes, and these dishes are seasoned with natural spices and sesame oil, and no artificial sweetening is used. These vegetables are lightly stir-fried in a pan with seasoning or just dressing on top. The types of plants used here, root of bellflower, bracken, aster leopard plants, potherbs, zucchini, and shiitake mushrooms, result in a deliciously fresh taste. Sweet and Sour Mushrooms are prepared with deep fried shiitake mushrooms, agaric mushroom, pimentos, bamboo shoots, bokchoy stem with sweet and sour sauce. The house salad has an olive powder and spice dressing and offers a refreshing vegetable taste. At Deul-hyang-gi, no artificial sweetening is used in the food preparation, and the food is presented on wooden tables made from zelkova trees


Jongno-Gu, Kwanhun-Dong 196-6


Hangwachae Vegetarian Restaurant

Jongno-Gu, Kwanhun-Dong 30-9 Cheonga Bldg.

Take the alley across (Insadong) street from INSA Art Galley (the corner by Sudo Pharmacy) all the way until the main road. It's in the basement by Kyung-In Art Gallery.




02)735-5681, 02)3210-2151 12-2:00 W7,000

Kamrotang Sachal Restaurant

Jongno-Gu Hwa-Dong 87-1


12-3:00; 6-10:00


Chayeoneul Saranghinun Saramdul (Nature-loving Person)

Jongno 3-Dong, Danseongsa (Danseong Temple) 2F


12-2:00, closed Sunday.

W5-6,000 Vegan

Soshim Vegetarian Restaurant

Kwacnhun-dong 143-1  

At the start of Insadong Street, in the basement of the building with the GS25 Conveienience store. Jongno-Gu line 3, Anguk Station, exit 6 stay on the main road until Insadong (Crown Bakery), then look for the convenience store.


The woman in charge speaks passable English. Closed Sundays.


Jongno-Gu, Kwanhun-Dong 118-27 Insadong-1 Kil

Anguk Station, exit 6


Seoul Wangbajirak Kalguksu


Jilliru Vegetarian Restaurant

Hoegi Station


Manzis Vegetarian Restaurant

Dongdaemun-Gu, Shinsol-Dong 102-26



Daehangno; Hyehwa Station


Jangsu Ssalnunbab Vegetarian Restaurant

line 4 Suyu Station exit 8 toward Gangbuk-gu office 150m



Pulkwangsansa (Temple)

line 3, Dongguk University Station, exit 2, right outside look for a sign pointing inside with the temple symbol (reverse swastika)

02)2276-0993 11-8:00

SankolChaeshik Keonkang Dang (Mountain Vegetable Health Restaurant)

Jungnang-Gu, Muk-Dong

line 7, Meokgol Station, exit 6


11-8:00 closed Fri afternoon and Sat.

CheongMirae Jayeon Restarant


ChoreukTteul Vegetarian Restaurant


Shindongyang Vegetarian Restaurant

Yeoido Station exit 5


Hunja Food

Hoegi Station


Organic Korean food/organic food market/Christian bookstore

Happia Healthy Restaurant

Dobong-Gu 02)3493-3677

Hyeonmi Healthy Restaurant

line 2 Seongsu Station, exit 1



Seocho-Gu, Seocho-Dong


Chaesik Shidae

Seocho-Gu, Seocho-dong, Secho World Officetel B1, 1355-3


Odaesan Sanche

Soecho-Gu, Yangjae-Dong 2-13 Behind the Cocos' across from the Yangje Telecommunication Service Center


9:00-10:00 Sanche Special W24,000; Sanche Set Meal W17,000; Sanche Regular 12,000won Offers over 30 kinds of wild greens including codonopis lanceolata, mountain shiitake mushroom, mountain rocambole, roots of bellflower found on Mount Oh-dae. This restaurant specializing in wild greens dishes is a branch of the Odaesan Restaurant, located at the Woljung Temple entrance. The clean-cut taste of edible shoot of fatsia you dip into vinaigrette red pepper paste, fragrant wild potherbs, with the scent of strong leopard plant. All give you the impression you are on a mountainside. The key to the fragrant taste of the fare at Odaesan Sanche comes from the cook's using perilla oil and perilla seeds in seasoning to bring out the best flavor of the wild greens. No artificial sweetening agent is added in preparing dishes here, and all the sauce and ssamjang come from the main branch at Mount Odae. When storing vegetables, the restaurant uses refined salt and pine needles to preserve them. This way, the greens last more than a year, and their scent and flavor remains intact. The main menu can be either a Sanche Regular or a Sanche Set meal. In the Sanche set meal, about 15 kinds of dishes are offered including grilled codonopis lanceolata, grilled pollack, tofu, wild herbs panfried shiitake mushrooms, and many others. Grilled codonopis lanceolata is prepared with red pepper paste and then grilled over a fire. This dish has as much nutrition as ginseng does, and the crisp texture and rich flavor make many people regular customers here. Drinking home- brewed rice wine with tofu made with salt water and potato pancake is perfect for a special treat.

SM Vegetarian Buffet

Kangnam-Gu, Poi-Dong 229-10


12-3:00; 6-9:00 W 13,000

Country Life

Kangnam-Gu, Nonhyeon-Dong 16-1

line 7, Nonhyeon Station



2nd location:

Kangnam-Gu, Shinsa-Dong

line 3 Shinsa Station, exit 2


11:00-2:00 W8,000


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